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For all of your public safety training, education and service needs.
Highly Educated, Experienced and Well Trained Individuals are in Demand.

Now more than ever, companies are looking for the highly educated, experienced and well trained American worker. Set yourself apart from the field by enhancing your value in the workforce. 

Customized Learning 

No matter where you want to go, Culhane Training Solutions can assist you in getting there. Our customized learning plans, tailored specifically for you, take a step by step approach to help you to be able to meet all of your goals.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning


It's a fact, people absorb and comprehend information differently. Culhane Training Solutions has experienced instructors who are trained in recognizing these learning styles in students that ease the learning curve. 

Be Paid What You are Worth

Everyone knows that in this day and age, the income of the American worker is directly correlated to their level of education and training. Enhance yours today, so you can be paid what you are worth tomorrow.

So You Know...
Medical Doctors Denying Care Because Of Firearm Ownership?


See how some medical doctors are egregiously questioning and denying services if you own a firearm!



When Following The Law Causes You To Be Charged With A Felony!...

How would you react if you were helplessly put in a situation that forced you to be in violation of the law.



Know Before You Go...

Know the TSA guidelines while traveling with firearms or other items on an airplane.




Testimonials of satisfaction, success and prosperity

  Since enrolling in various courses at Integrum, I have went from being unemployed to managing three people!



— Steven from Haverstraw, NY

        I went from being scared to confident in only a few lessons. Matt just has a way of teaching that really works. Since discovering Integrum, I have learned knowledge that will last a lifetime. I give my full endorsement of Matt and CTS!



— Sarah from White Plains, NY

 Matt's team of instructors were super knowledgable and friendly. I'll be back to continue my training and education for sure.



— Michael from Goshen, NY

     Was required to take a course and ended up finding the best education professionals in the tri-state area!



— David from Paramus, NJ

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