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New York State Boater Safety Course

New York State Boater Safety Certification Course
New York State Boater Safety Course
New York State Jet Ski Boater Safety
New York State Parks Boating License

Course Length: 8 Hours


Certification Good For: LIFE



  • Must be at least 10 years old to attend this course


Course Overview: This course is designed as a comprehensive boating safety course, teaching the fundamentals of safe boating operation and has been approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)


Topics Include: 

  • Intro to Boating: Types of boats, jet-skis and other personal watercraft; various uses of boats; outboards; inboards; stern and jet drives

  • Boating Laws: Registration, hull ID numbers, required safety equipment, accident reporting and federal baoting laws

  • Personal Safety Equipment: PFD's, fire extinguishers, visual and audio distress signal and devices, first aid kits, etc

  • Safe Boat Handling: Bow riding, fueling, anchoring, docking, steering, loading a boat, substance abuse

  • Navigation: Navigational rules, buoys, beacons, avoiding collisions, signals

  • Boating Problems: Boating accidents, rescues, hypothermia, trailoring, hitches, storing and protecting your boat

  • Water Skiing Safety Guidelines: The do's and don'ts


Students will also learn:

  • How terrorism affects the modern-day recreational boater

  • Knot tying and how to properly tie-up to a dock or another vessel

  • Emergency contact information


New Law Effective May 1st 2014: All individuals born on or after 5/1/96 are now required to successfully complete an approved course in boater education in order to operate a motorboat. Individuals less than 10 years of age may not take this course of instruction. Certain allowances to this law have been made for visitors to New York, i.e. persons renting a boat from a livery and persons purchasing a new boat for the first time.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a temporary boating safety certificate. Students 18 years of age and older will be required to pay a $10 fee(not included in course fee) to the NYS Parks & Recreation System for issuance of a permanent boating safety certificate. Permanent boating safety certificates do NOT expire! This boater safety certificate is also reciprocal in most states! Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounts on boat insurance to individuals who have successfully completed this course!


If you are serious about the safety of you and your family on the waters of NY, then this class is absolutely for you. Taught by our Master Boating Instructor Bob, learn what both civilians and Law Enforcement personnel have been taught for over two decades. Be taught by the best, call CTS...


NYS Boater Safety Course

Boating safety is everyone's business







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