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Self-Defense & Personal Safety Tactics Course

Now more than ever, the need to be secure in one's personal safety couldn't be more important. Time and time again we see on TV or read in the newspaper that good people are put into horrible situations. Some turn out OK, but sadly, some do not. Isn't it time you became serious about the safety of you and your family? Our self-defense and personal safety tactics course will educate you in very effective tactics that could ultimately save your life or the lives of your loved ones. A threat usually doesn't reveal itself until it's too late. If it did, wouldn't we all just try to escape the situation? Shouldn't you do everything in your power to be ready without any advanced warning?  Give us a call today so we may show you how you and your family can live safer lives.

Self Defense Tactics NY
Self Defense Tactics NY
Self Defense Tactics NY
 Self-Defense & Personal Safety  Tactics Course

Course Overview: Our curriculum is designed to teach the requisite skills that can immediately enhance the level of personal safety proficiency of each student. Adequate defensive tactics and survival training is often neglected or unavailable in the public safety community. We focus on overcoming this need by providing more advanced combat training for the public safety sector. It is designed to develop and heighten the skills necessary to protect one's self from attacks and to maintain control of one’s firearm when in close quarters combat. Our training incorporates the use of bodily impact tools, (such as hands, elbows, and knees), and knife defense.


This course serves as an introduction to the Executive Protection field, a refresher for those that have already been trained in some fashion of self defense and most importantly, the individual who wishes to learn something beyond the "run of the mill" self defense and personal safety course. All of our public safety defensive tactics courses are customized to suit the individual needs of the department/agency/civilian and the situations they encounter. Our areas of Instruction include:


  • Contain, Capture and Control Techniques

  • The Weapon Within

  • Body Physics and Dynamics

  • Choke Breaks

  • Firearm Retention and Disarming

  • Parrying/Punch Defenses

  • Stances and Patterns of Movement

  • Use of Force Policy and Liability

  • Networking, Negotiating and Expanding Your Client Base

Due to the serious nature of this course, we reserve the right to refuse training to anyone.


Self Defense & Personal Safety Tactics Course

Knowledge and tactics necessary to properly protect yourself in the event of an attack.







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