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Professionals at work...

Integrum Consulting, Inc's education professionals offer public safety training in a variety of subject areas, from beginner through advanced levels. Our real-world experience provides actual insight into each particular subject matter. Where you learn your training makes all of the difference...

Our students have taken the training and education learned with us and have become successful in a number of career fields. From local, state and federal Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Correction Officers, Executive Protection Agents, competitive marksmen, EMT's, security directors, HR managers, entrepreneurs and more. So...where will YOU  go from here? 

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Driving Skills Instructors
 Less Lethal & Situational Awareness Instructors
Professional Firearms Instructors & Safety Personnel
CPR/AED/First Aid Instructors

• NRA Training Counselors & Instructors

• NYS Licensed Firearm Instructors

• Law Enforcement Instructors

• Active/Retired Law Enforcement Officers

 Former Military Tactical Operatives

 Executive Protection Professionals

• NRA Chief Range Safety Officers

• NRA Range Safety Officers

• USCCA Training Counselors & Instructors

• Glock Certified Armorers

• ASHI Instructors

• AHA Instructors

• ARC Instructors

• Paramedics/EMT's

• Registered Nurses

• Pre-Licensing Instructors

• Defensive Driving Instructors

• Evasive and Tactical Manuevers




• TASER Certified Instructors

• Safariland Instructors

• ASP Instructors

• NRA Refuse to be a Victim Regional Counselors

• RAD Instructors

• SABRE Instructors

Matt Culhane NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Matt Culhane NRA Certified Instructor NY
Matt Culhane NRA Chief Range Safety Officer NY
Matt Culhane ASP Baton & Handcuff Instructor NY
Matt Culhane NRA RTBAV Regional Counselor NY
Matt Culhane ASHI Instructor NY
Matt Culhane IALEFI Master Instructor New York
Matt Culhane Axon Taser Law Enforcement Instructor
Matt Culhane USCCA Training Counselor NY
Matt Culhane Utah Concealed Firearms Certified Instructor NY
Matt Culhane Glock Certified Armorer NY
Matt Culhane RTBAV Certified Instructor NY
Matt Culhane ILEETA New York
Matt Culhane NRA Training Counselor NY
Matt Culhane USCCA Instructor NY
Matt Culhane NTSI Instructor NY
Matt Culhane Safariland Instructor NY
Matt Culhane New York Boater Safety Course
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