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Utah Concealed Carry Weapon

(CCW) Permit Course

Utah CCW Permit Course NY Concealed Carry Weapon

These firearm safety courses are designed to educate law-abiding American citizens on the safe operation, storage, care and safety precautions needed to properly possess a pistol. These courses serve as fulfillment of said State(s) safety course requirement needed to afford you the opportunity to apply for a pistol permit. Please browse the course(s) below and see which courses are right for you.

Utah CCW Permit Course NY

States of Utah and Florida Combined  Concealed Carry Weapon Safety Course

Course Outline: By combining the Utah and Florida CCW permits you can legally carry in 33 states! Efforts are constantly underway to bring more states on as well! Utah CCW permits and Florida CCW permits are issued for "Personal Protection." The Utah CCW permit and the Florida CCW permit DO NOT allow you to carry a concealed firearm within the State of New York. Reciprocity and recognition of permits from state to state is a complex issue, therefore we cannot and will not give legal advice on this matter. If you need accurate answers to specific legal questions, contact the state issuing authority or consult an attorney who is licensed in the state in question. You will however be educated thoroughly in the laws of the State of Utah and the laws of the State of Florida that pertain to pistol possession and ownership.


You will learn the following firearms safety topics: Pistol Parts And Operation * Ammunition * Using a Pistol Safely * Cleaning, Storing and Transporting a Pistol * Shooting Fundamentals * Shooting Positions * Shooting Skills under Stress * Marksman Skills and more...


• You do not need to be a resident of Utah or Florida to apply!
• As a non-resident of either Utah or Florida you can carry in 33          states
• Utah non-resident fee is only $63.25 and is good for 5 years!    Renewal is only $15!
• Florida state fee is only $97 and is good for 7 years!
• Get either permit, or both, it's completely up to you.
• No live fire requirement to qualify for Utah permit!

What's included...


* Utah application with completion stamp issued by a Certified          Utah Instructor

* Florida application packet
* Certificate of live-fire completion for Florida. 
* Pre-addressed mailing envelopes for your application packets          for both Utah and Florida

* Two 2"x 2" passport quality photos 
* Fingerprinting services
* $10 discount off personal pistol lessons
* And much more...


Florida CCW Permit Course NY

*Click on the image below to view CCW Reciprocity Maps*

USA Carry Certified Instructor NY

Utah Multi-State CCW Course

Expand your right to carry!







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