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Your Plan To Becoming A Confident & Competent USCCA Certified Instructor!


Join the ranks of the fastest growing firearms training community by becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor.


Upon successful completion of this workshop, candidates will be certified to teach the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Course. 


*** This course is not intended to make you a good shooter. This course is designed to enable an experienced shooter to develop into an effective instructor. ***


The USCCA Instructor Certification course consists of a one day interactive online training course followed by two days of classroom training which includes hands-on breakout sessions before participating in live-fire range exercises. You will also learn the important skills needed to set up and run both your classroom and range.


Subject Matter Covered:

Michael Martin, Chief Instructor and author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, will review the student materials provided in the Instructor Toolkit, identify important elements within the USCCA curriculum and present tips to maximize the use of multimedia materials. Instructor Candidates will learn common instructor mistakes and how to avoid them, and how to use PowerPoint to integrate the USCCA curriculum into their lessons. This course will also touch upon proper business and financial management.


So, how do you get started?


  • STEP 1: Become a USCCA Member - (Sadly, USCCA membership is not available to residents of New Jersey, New York or Washington State. However, this does not prohibit you from attending the training!)


CLICK HERE to join and insure yourself today! Also, receive a FREE GIFT!


  • STEP 2: Call the USCCA To Secure Your e-Learning & Instructor Toolkit (Required)


Simply call the USCCA Instructor Support Team at 877-577-4800 to secure your eLearning Training and Instructor Toolkit for an easy, one-time cost of $250.


What's inside your instructor toolkit: 

  • Contents for you:

  • e-Learning prerequisite

  • 2 classroom posters

  • USCCA Instructor shirt

  • USCCA Instructor hat

  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense Digital Course Materials Access

  • Instructor Dashboard to manage classes and take payment from students

  • Contents for your student:

  • 10 copies of the curriculum textbook

  • 10 copies of Concealed Carry Magazine

  • STEP 3: Take Your Instructor Certification Course With Us.


Once you have completed your e-Learning Training, give us a call to finalize your registration to sit for this USCCA Instructor Certification Course with us.


After successfully completing the USCCA Instructor Certification Course, the USCCA will ship your instructor credentials and Instructor toolkit directly to you!



Required Equipment:


  • A valid NY State pistol permit (if class is being held in NY)

  • Professional, instructor attire. (Jeans, shorts, etc are not)

  • A quality defensive handgun 9mm or higher (semi-autos) or .38 SPL (revolvers)

  • A suitable belt mounted, strong side hip holster for your firearm

  • Optic & hearing protection

  • A minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition (NO reloads)

  • 10 dummy rounds for your caliber gun

  • A notebook for copious note taking

  • Pen, highlighter and jumbo marker for the range (provided)

  • A solid background and understanding of firearms, their operation and safe gun handling practices

  • A positive attitude and the desire to become the most effective instructor possible


* By attending this Instructor level course you will be afforded the opportunity to successfully complete all required performance objectives and satisfactorily prove to the Training Counselor that you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be considered for recommendation to become a USCCA Certified Instructor. 


*** Please remember this is a performance based course. You do not pay and automatically pass the Instructor training. You pay to have the opportunity to pass. ***


If you are ready to take the next step in educating others in your community in the safe and proficient operation of firearms, give us a call today!

USCCA Instructor Certification Course

USCCA Instructor Toolkit
Matt Culhane USCCA Instructor Trainer New York
Matt Culhane USCCA Instructor Trainer New York
Matt Culhane USCCA Instructor Trainer New York
Matt Culhane USCCA Instructor Trainer New York
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USCCA Instructor Certification Course

Join the ranks as a USCCA Instructor Today!









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